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Organic brands are pushing their way to the top, and it is a great thing beauty doesn't need to rely on harmful chemicals and animal testing. Today I'm testing Purity London's Exfoliator. First off, I like their new packaging, it's clean and straight to the point, and the flip lid...
Nuz Shugaa's Review of Organyc Beauty Cotton Buds
Organyc Beauty Cotton Buds are an eco-friendly and affordable solution to beauty. The packaging is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials and the cotton bud stem is made from recyclable cardboard and the tips made of organic cotton! When you reach into the box to take your bud out, you'll...
Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Bio-Certified Nourishing Anti-Aging Day Cream
Sacred Nature Day Cream by Comfort Zone is a natural and organic anti-aging cream that comes in eco-friendly packaging and the cream is held in a 50ml glass jar with a very attractive wooden lid. It inspires natural beauty! Tested On opening, the smell of orange distilled water quickly refreshes the...

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