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Nuz Shugaa's Review of A. Vogel Soothing Neem Cream
A.Vogel is a company known for its herbal remedies. Their Neem Cream, made from the tincture of neem leaf, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil and bergamot, helps soothe red and sensitive skin, and therefore it is useful for areas prone to eczema, irritations, bumps and flare-ups. Tested The cream has a pleasant medicinal...
Nuz Shugaa's Review of the WellMax Callus Peel at Beauty Lounge London
The WellMax Callus Peel is a innovative callus removal process, which is paraben-free, not tested on animals, contains tartaric acid, lactic acid and critic acid, which are all known for breaking down dead skin. Tested I've had this process a few times at the Beauty Lounge London during a pedicure. It...
Nuz Shugaa's Review of Jean d'Estrees High Nutrition Cream
As the winter season is approaching and the weather is turning cold, and some parts of the country have had snow, dry skin seems to be creeping up on us like Scrooge! However, Santa has sent us a little helper and it comes in the form of Jean d'Estrees High...

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