Step Into Your Comfort Zone! With Sacred Nature Day Cream

Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Bio-Certified Nourishing Anti-Aging Day Cream

Sacred Nature Day Cream by Comfort Zone is a natural and organic anti-aging cream that comes in eco-friendly packaging and the cream is held in a 50ml glass jar with a very attractive wooden lid. It inspires natural beauty!


On opening, the smell of orange distilled water quickly refreshes the senses! But it is the Buriti oil that is the first of two magical ingredients. From the moriche palm tree in the Amazon jungle to your bathroom, this oil is great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, protecting the skin against photo damage and restores elasticity. The second magical ingredient is Butterfly Bush extract which is a powerful anti-oxidant and has skin repairing properties.

When applying this rich cream on a well-cleansed face, try and set yourself a light massage ritual with this cream so it is well absorbed to see the real benefits it offers.


I used this over four weeks and found my skin was noticeably smoother and hydrated and every day was like walking through a sun-blessed Mediterranean orange grove!

This is a not a paid review.


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