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Purity London, Exfoliate Without Cruelty!

Purity London, Exfoliate Without Cruelty!

Organic brands are pushing their way to the top, and it is a great thing beauty doesn’t need to rely on harmful chemicals and animal testing.

Today I’m testing Purity London’s Exfoliator. First off, I like their new packaging, it’s clean and straight to the point, and the flip lid is quick and convenient if you like to use the exfoliant in the shower, no messing around with unscrewing lids! Purity London pride themselves on being environmentally and ethically responsible, they do not use harmful chemicals, test on animals and there are no microbeads to clog up the seas in this exfoliant. Instead, it contains ground coconut shell, which is very effective in exfoliation, with aloe vera and sweet almond oil for their soothing and hydrating properties.


The best way to use this product is on a damp skin, performing circle movements in the areas you want to scrub, avoiding the eye contour area. Rinse off well and apply your skin care regime. This exfoliant is so gentle it can be used daily, it comes creamy and has a non-drying effect on the skin.


I recommended Purity London to Hannah Arterton on the set of her movie Walking On Sunshine and she fell in love with the range of products. Giving, cleaner, brighter skin is a matter of minutes, I highly recommend this exfoliant and the whole range for teenage skin as they are more prone to outbreaks. Give it a try!



This is a not-paid for review.


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