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Beam Me Up! With The Light Therapy Acne Mask by Neutrogena

Beam Me Up! With The Light Therapy Acne Mask by Neutrogena

The science of light therapy is becoming clearer every day; using a combination of blue light and red light that is UV and chemical free, Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask heals breakouts and reduces acne, pimples inflammation and unblock pores, and it is safe!

This mask, unlike others, is lightweight and comfortably, covers the whole face area, clips like glasses around the ears, and that all reduces any fears of claustrophobia. The mask activator allows you to activate your mask, times your session with an auto-off function and keeps a record of your treatment course.

Step 1 Cleanse your skin to remove oil and make-up

Step 2 Wear the mask, making sure it is rested comfortably on your ears

Step 3 Activate your mask via the activator (batteries included!)

Step 4 The mask will remain on for ten minutes, a good time just to lie back and relax

Step 5 The mask will switch off automatically

Step 6 The activator indicates how many sessions are left

Step 7 Repeat daily

Note Each activator has 30 sessions pre-loaded, after which you have to purchase a new activator, which you can find in all good retailers.


When I used this, I preferred to sit back and close my eyes but it’s safe to keep your eyes open and go about your day.


I used the mask for a full course of 30 days and my skin was outbreak free for the whole time. I’ve recommended this to celebrities and actors and they have been happy with the results and come back with positive feedback for a number of skin issues; a reduction in redness, less breakouts, no whiteheads, less oily skin, their pores look more refined and their skin overall was much clearer.

This is a not paid for review.


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