Home Beauty Flare-Ups Be Gone! A. Vogel Neem Cream

Flare-Ups Be Gone! A. Vogel Neem Cream

Flare-Ups Be Gone! A. Vogel Neem Cream
Nuz Shugaa's Review of A. Vogel Soothing Neem Cream

A.Vogel is a company known for its herbal remedies. Their Neem Cream, made from the tincture of neem leaf, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil and bergamot, helps soothe red and sensitive skin, and therefore it is useful for areas prone to eczema, irritations, bumps and flare-ups.


The cream has a pleasant medicinal smell. When it is applied it absorbs into the skin well with a few strokes and settles with a non-greasy matte effect.

I use it myself on the odd spot or two because it removes inflammation around the area. I also use it on my son as a moisturiser for over five years to avoid him picking up any germs from school as it also has antiseptic properties.


I recommend this to many of my actor clients if they have breakouts on set. I found it also works great with insect bites too and overreaction to the sun.

This is a not a paid review.


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