Comfort For Younger Skin! Sacred Nature Hydrating Fluid

Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Light Hydrating Fluid

Created for younger skin, Sacred Nature Light Hydrating Fluid by Comfort Zone comes in a 50ml tube with their gorgeous signature wooden cap.


Like the Comfort Zone Day Cream, the smell of orange distilled water quickly refreshes the senses and it has the same magical ingredients of Buriti oil and Butterfly Bush extract, which combined are great for protecting and repairing skin. Unlike the Day Cream, this is very light and therefore perfect for younger skin and wearing underneath make-up. A blend of mica and clay powders help the easy absorption of the oil and gives a non-greasy appearance on the skin.

Apply just before your make-up on a well-cleansed face, give a light massage until the fluid is absorbed, this fluid is so light it takes just a minute!


I recommend this for younger combination skin because the skin is still well-hydrated but not heavy, and that makes it great for holidays in hot climates. The clay absorbs most of your t-zone and makes your pores look visibly smaller. And whilst other creams and fluids can strip combination skin, this still gives enough nourishment without the negative effects.

This is a not a paid review.


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